Friday, May 23, 2008

2007-2008 Season Review: Civic MainStage Season – Steel Magnolias

As Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette’s 2007-2008 season heads down the home stretch with its final productions, we will review the productions that have comprised this year, beginning with Civic Under the Stars, continuing with the Civic Youth Theatre season and finishing with the Civic MainStage season.

The first production for the 2007-2008 Civic MainStage season was Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling. The shows ran September 14-30, 2007. Mark Allen Carter was the director, Kyle Bushre was assistant director, Steve Martin and Susan Graham were co-producers and Bailey Rosa was the stage manager.

Steel Magnolias tells the story of the friendship of six women who spend time at Truvy’s Beauty Shop in Chinquapin, Louisiana, as they face humorous and tragic moments together.

The cast of Steel Magnolias was:

Truvy Jones – Brenda Combs
Annelle Dupuy – Samantha Hoover
Shelby Eatenton Latcherie – Julia Colby
Clairee Belcher – Alice Schwind
M’Lynn Eatenton – Thea Strand
Ouiser Boudreaux – Laurie Russell

The production team and crew included:

Set Designer – John David Collier
Lighting Designer – Geoff Gooch
Costume Designer – Lora Adams
Sound Designer – Cody Mullen
Backstage Managers – Matt Carter, Janet Mauck
Master Carpenter – David Santogrossi
Construction Crew – Matthew Aiken, Ross Aiken, Dan Becker, Jack Fessler, Janet Mauck, Greg Terry, Randy Thompson, Amy Van Epps
Set Painters – Liz Petrasovic, Dana Crockett, John David Collier, Marcy Jasmund, Cindy Modlin Adams
Set Dressers – Linda Polk, Steven Chaffee, Phyllis Rush
Properties Crew – Karen Tislow, Vicki Bower, Teresa Duncan, Pam Locker
Light Board Operator – Bethany Grimes
Sound Board Operator – Daniel Smith
Costume Crew – Diana Aveline
Callboard – Sherry Capano, Marion Vruggink
Photographer – Kris Kazmierczak

What are your memories from Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette’s production of Steel Magnolias? Share them by leaving a comment here and let’s discuss!

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Steve Martin said...

One moment that I'll remember from this production of Steel Magnolias was Thea Strand delivering M'Lynn's monologue about the tragedy that took Shelby's life. The audience was completely engrossed and more than a few of them cried during the retelling.