Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2007-2008 Season Review: Civic MainStage Season – Plaid Tidings

As Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette’s 2007-2008 season heads down the home stretch with its final productions, we will review the productions that have comprised this year, beginning with Civic Under the Stars, continuing with the Civic Youth Theatre season and finishing with the Civic MainStage season.

The second production of the 2007-2008 Civic MainStage season was Plaid Tidings by Stuart Ross. The shows ran November 30-December 16, 2007. Laurie Russell was the director, Paul Addison was the musical director and Julia Colby was the stage manager.

Plaid Tidings tells the story of the return from the afterlife of the musical group The Plaids, who live out their dreams by performing their own holiday show.

The cast of Plaid Tidings was:

Sparky – Landon Scott
Smudge – Cody Butcher
Jinx – Justin Habben
Frankie – Chad Barker

The orchestra of Plaid Tidings was:

Piano – Paul Addison
Percussion – David Santogrossi
Bass – Nick Smith

The production team and crew of Plaid Tidings included:

Set Designer – Laurie Russell
Lighting Designer – Julia Colby
Costume Designer – Bob Sauers
Sound Designer – Cody Mullen
Backstage Manager – Janet Mauck
Backstage Crew – Rachel Henning, Mary Lehmkuhl, Casey Powers, Kathleen Williams
Master Carpenters – Dave Lahr, Tom Moran
Construction Crew – Dan Becker, Jack Fessler, Bob Slagel, Kevin Tait
Magic Crew – Joe Beaty, Kevin Colby, Linda Erwin, Bethany Grimes, Janet Mauck, Bailey Rosa, KV Williams
Properties – Laurie Russell
Light Board Operator – Bethany Grimes
Follow Spot Operators – Linda Erwin, Suzie Mason
Sound Board Operator – Eric Barlow
Photographer – Kris Kazmierczak

What are your memories of Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette’s production of Plaid Tidings? Share them by leaving a comment here and let’s discuss!

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Steve Martin said...

My favorite moment from Plaid Tidings is when the guys are still questioning why they've returned from the afterlife. Suddenly, they are covered in a shaft of green light and begin singing a medley of holiday songs, with the lyrics transitioning at the most unusual places.