Thursday, May 29, 2008

2007-2008 Season Review: Civic MainStage Season – The Crucible

As Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette’s 2007-2008 season heads down the home stretch with its final productions, we will review the productions that have comprised this year, beginning with Civic Under the Stars, continuing with the Civic Youth Theatre season and finishing with the Civic MainStage season.

The third production of the 2007-2008 Civic MainStage season was The Crucible by Arthur Miller. The shows ran February 1-17, 2008. Larry Sommers was the director, Janet Mauck was the stage manager and Steve Martin was the producer.

The Crucible tells the story of how the town of Salem, Massachusetts, falls into the clutches of hysteria and mob mentality when young girls begin accusing some of the townspeople of being witches..

The cast of The Crucible was:

Reverend Parris – Rod Dimmick
Betty Parris – Jessica Hoffmann
Tituba – Jawanna Joi Blalock
Abigail Williams – Madeleine Bien
Susanna Walcott – Mollie Westbrook
Ann Putnam – Carie Mondero
Thomas Putnam – Ralph Rohrer
Mercy Lewis – Margaret Duvall
Mary Warren – Suzie Mason
John Proctor – Ted Hingst
Rebecca Nurse – Bonnie Shoaf
Giles Corey – Robert Cox
Reverend John Hale – Kyle Bushre
Elizabeth Proctor – Tonya Bess
Francis Nurse – Brooke Anderson
Ezekial Cheever – Rod McDanel
John Willard – Steve Scherer
Judge Hathorne – Kevin Colby
Deputy Governor Danforth – Robert Spaulding
Sarah Good – Trish Peterson
Guard – Bradley Wehrle

The production team and crew of The Crucible included:

Lighting Designer – Jason Greene
Costume Designer – Susan Kisinger
Sound Designer – Kris Kazmierczak
Properties – Laurie Russell
Backstage Manager – Jack Lana
Backstage Crew – Greg Terry, Bradley Wehrle
Construction Crew – Ted Hingst, Steve Scherer, Larry Sommers
Painter – Nancy Marshall
Light Board Operator – Alan Hertz
Sound Board Operator – Eric Barlow
Photographer – Kris Kazmierczak

What are your memories of Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette’s production of The Crucible? Share them by leaving a comment here and let’s discuss!

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Julia said...

I would share my memories, but I'd hate to embarrass Kevin. =) I hear about half the cast suffered from the Martian Death Flu of the 2008 Winter, but the show went on.

The performances were all riveting. The girls' blood curdling shrieks about the bird vision, the pity I felt for Tituba as she "found religion", and the shame of a society turned blind to truth kept me thinking about the production months after the curtain fell. (not literally).

Thank you to the cast and crew for a powerful and memorable theatrical experience.