Monday, May 19, 2008

2007-2008 Season Review: Civic Youth Theatre – The Monkey’s Paw

As Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette’s 2007-2008 season heads down the home stretch with its final productions, we will review the productions that have comprised this year, beginning with Civic Under the Stars, continuing with the Civic Youth Theatre season and finishing with the Civic MainStage season.

The first production of the 2007-2008 Civic Youth Theatre season was a twin bill of The Monkey’s Paw and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The shows ran October 19-31, 2007. The Monkey’s Paw is based on the story by W.W. Jacobs, adapted by Louis N. Parker. Kyle Bushre directed, Melanie R. Buchanan produced and Matthew Carter was the stage manager.

The one-act play tells the story of Mr. and Mrs. White, who learn one night about a mysterious monkey’s paw that grants wishes. They come into possession of the paw, but when they make a wish for money it comes true in a tragic twist.

In his director’s note for the program, Kyle Bushre wrote, “When I was little, my Aunt Billie would take my brother and me camping every summer. And every summer, Aunt Billie would tell us some new ghost story that would keep me awake through the night. No story robbed sleep from me quite like The Monkey’s Paw.”

The cast of The Monkey’s Paw was:

Mr. White – Kevin Barlow
Mrs. White – Jessi Hoffmann
Herbert – Asher Trout
Sergeant – Cody Walker
Sampson – Bryce Robinson

The production team and crew included:

Costume Designers – Sydney Cason, Nicki Eberle
Properties – Jennifer Beaver, Connor Beaver
Lightboard Operator – Anna Alexander
Soundboud Operator – Caleb Sommers
Follow Spot Operator – Abbee Westbrook
Backstage Manager – Alexa Wisma

What are your memories of the Civic Youth Theatre production of The Monkey’s Paw? Share them by leaving a comment here and let’s discuss!

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Steve Martin said...

The memory that comes to mind whenever I think of The Monkey's Paw is that of the constant, insistent knocking on the door that begins immediately after Mr. and Mrs. White wish for their son to return to them. Not knowing what horror lies behind the door always puts me on edge; sometimes the scariest things in the world are those we can only imagine.