Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2007-2008 Season Review: Civic Youth Theatre – Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

As Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette’s 2007-2008 season heads down the home stretch with its final productions, we will review the productions that have comprised this year, beginning with Civic Under the Stars, continuing with the Civic Youth Theatre season and finishing with the Civic MainStage season.

The second production of the 2007-2008 Civic Youth Theatre season was Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing based on the book by Judy Blume, adapted by Bruce Mason. The shows ran February 29-March 2, 2008. Brent Wick directed, Cameron Johnston was the assistant director, Melanie R. Buchanan produced and Christine Furtner was the stage manager.

The play tells the story of Peter Hatcher, whose life is complicated by his younger brother, nicknamed Fudge. Whether he’s playing with friends, working on a school project or simply minding his own business, Peter’s wants and needs always seem to take a back seat’s to Fudge’s.

The cast of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing was:

Peter – Nathan Keiller
Mom – Riley Gray
Dad – Brian Carless
Fudge – Graham Cason
Mr. Yarby – Bryce Robinson
Mrs. Yarby – Jenny Furtner
Jimmy Fargo – Ben Beeks
Sheila Tubman – Becky Bruni
Jennie – Tori Rosa
Ralphie – Aaron Brehm
Sam – Daniel Hallett
Nurse – Grace Lazarz
Dr. Brown – Jade Doty
Janet – Taylor Bundy
Secretary – Madison VanFossen
First Mother – Regan Guehn
Second Mother – Sydney Cason
Mariah – Riley Anderson
Mr. Vincent – Caleb Sommers
Mr. Denberg – Isaiah Hale
Cameraperson – Katie McLennan
1st Ambulance Driver – Maria Guido
2nd Ambulance Driver – Katie Martin
Dr. Cone – Shelby Mayfield

The production team and crew included:

Sound Designer – Michael Freels
Soundboard Operator – Beatrice Masters
Lightboard Operator – Michael Frye
Follow Spot Operators – Anna Alexander, Chedae Gilliam
Backstage Manager – Abby Bien
Backstage Crew – Alex Spector, Augustina de la Fuente

What are your memories of the Civic Youth Theatre production of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing? Share them by leaving a comment here and let’s discuss!

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Steve Martin said...

The show was very well directed by Brent Wick, but one part that was done especially well was Peter's nightmare -- the blocking, the lighting, the acting all came together well to show Peter's feelings about his brother, his parents and his friends. Comical, but also a good insight into the character. Very nicely done, Brent.