Saturday, May 10, 2008

Opening night and High School Musical

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of The Odd Couple. Sadly it just hit me now that I should have brought a camera with me to capture the festivities, next time.

The opening night crowd at Civic Theatre is much like an opening night crowd at any other theatre I have worked with. It has its fair share of friends and family of the cast and crew, but there is also an abundance of "Friends of the theatre". In our case there are several people in attendance that were founding Board Members of the theatre, not bad considering that we incorporated way back in 1965. There are also a handful of Lifetime Achievement winners like Tom Moran for instance who also just won the Suzanne Stafford Memorial Award for an outstanding Arts volunteer in Tippecanoe County. Civic Theatre is what it is today primarily due to the hard work of thousands of volunteers over the years. Some stand outs like Tom Moran, Al and Martha Chiscon, Jim Hobbes, Jim Hanks, Alice Schwind and far to many other to mention make the the theatre not just a success, they make it like a second family.

Following the show (which was very well received of course) we had a small celebration in the lobby. Board Members Laurie Russell and Larry Sommers set up the lobby to resemble a poker party at Oscar Madison's apartment. Complete with cards, poker chips, empty beer cans, chips, dips, cookies and nasty stinky cigars. A good time was had by all, especially those who got to eat Laurie Russell's wonderful chocolate chip cookies, I had...well let's just leave it at "way too many".

The day after opening can be a let down for some. Personally I love it because it means that it is time to focus all of my energies on the next show. The auditions for Disney's High School Musical start tomorrow. Click here for a more detailed post. There are still openings. You can "walk-up" but be prepared to wait. Anyone who comes without an appointment will be seen at the earliest open spot. That could be immediately, or you could have to wait. We have close to 100 people signed up already, we could use more boys though, so please help spread the word.

Enjoy this lovely day and to all the mothers out there, have a wonderful and happy Mothers Day.

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