Monday, May 5, 2008

Up Next: The Odd Couple. Some crew members.

Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette's production of The Odd Couple opens Friday, May 9, and runs through Sunday, May 25, at the Monon Depot Theatre on the corner of 5th Street and North Street in downtown Lafayette. The show's director, assistant director and cast members were profiled in blog posts in mid-April, but many other Civic volunteers have worked long hours to get this production to its feet. This is by no means a comprehensive list.

Producer: Sally Carter. She has worked to find volunteers for all the production roles. She's done an amazing job, and is producing her second show in a row for Civic. She previously produced this season's production of Crowns.

Stage Manager: Janet Mauck. As stage manager, Janet runs the show every performance, prompting actors to get to places at the beginning of each act, communicating with backstage crew members about the status of the stage and props, as well as telling the sound board operator and light board operator when to run cues. This is the second production that Janet has staged managed this year, following The Crucible.

Dialogue Coach: Cicely Ward. The Pigeon sisters are English. The actresses who play them are not. Cicely Ward has made sure no one in the audience notices.

Set Designer: Lynie Stepp.
Light Designer: Bethany Grimes.
Costume Designer: Carie Mondero.
Sound Designer: Kris Kazmierczak.
Props Master: Karen Tislow. Without these five women, the actors literally would be naked on a bare space in the dark, pantomiming in silence. Having their designs work in unison with one another sets the stage (literally!) and visually and aurally informs the audience of the location of the play and the time period. Lynie, Kris and Karen are Civic veterans, while Carie is designing costumes for her first Civic show. Bethany lit the most recent Civic Youth Theatre production, How to Eat Like a Child.

Master Carpenters: Dan Becker and Amy Van Epps. These Civic veterans led the construction crew that built the set based on Lynie's designs. I have no skill with screw guns or saws, so I'm always impressed by people who can fill a once-empty stage with three-dimensional sets and literally create the world of the show.

Scenic Painter/Stage Dresser: Anita Weston. By painting the set and working with the props team to find furniture, Anita has made the world of the play look that much more realistic. Her work on The Odd Couple also suggests a lot about Oscar's personality and the effect that Felix's moving in has on it.

House Manager: Debbie Hobaugh. Debbie has been one of the house managers for Civic since my first production years ago. She recruits volunteers to serve as ushers for the show, opens the house for the audience, collects ticket stubs, brings refreshments to the lobby for the intermission and cleans the theatre after each performance.

All of these production crew members have their own groups they work with: the sound board and light board operators, the construction crew, props crew, backstage crew, dressers, ushers and more. Without the work of everyone involved, regardless of their role, The Odd Couple — and all other productions at Civic Theatre — could not be done.

To learn more about volunteering at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette, visit the office on the corners of 5th Street and North Street in downtown Lafayette, or come to a show at the Monon Depot Theatre. There are volunteer forms that list various ways people can become involved; most of them being something other than acting or directing. Or call 765-423-PLAY (7529) to find out what opportunities are available for the immediate future.

To buy tickets to Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette's production of The Odd Couple and see how all this work comes together, call 765-423-PLAY (7529).

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