Monday, May 26, 2008

Up Next: Young Directors Project — Meet The Director And Cast Of The Bald Soprano

The final production of the Civic Youth Theatre (CYT) 2007-2008 season is the Young Directors Project, in which two CYT participants cast and direct productions of one-act plays. This season’s Young Directors Project productions are Jack Frakes’ Final Dress Rehearsal directed by Michael Freels, and Eugene Ionesco’s The Bald Soprano directed by Margaret Duvall. They will be performed June 6-8 at the Monon Depot Theatre in downtown Lafayette.

Margaret Duvall said The Bald Soprano is about "the disintegration of the English language. The characters are middle-class, middle-aged, British, post-war characters. They are normal at the beginning, especially the main characters Mr. and Mrs. Smith. And then conversations get a little strange with the mention of a character who dies, but hasn’t died. It all collapses and at the end they’re all screaming nonsense at each other."

Margaret says The Bald Soprano is an interesting and deep script, and there are many things a director can do to mold it into a full production. She enjoys working with her fellow teenagers because she likes hearing their viewpoints, but feels comfortable in telling them what she wants and knowing that they can execute it.

Jessi Hoffman plays Mrs. Martin in The Bald Soprano.

"She starts very confused and her character doesn’t make sense at first because it’s a nonsensical scene with her husband Mr. Martin; they haven’t met before even though they’re husband and wife. She turns out to be a mediator throughout the play until the final disintegration. And then she’s mad like everyone else," Jessi said.

"Rehearsals are going very well, Margaret is doing a great job. A lot of people will like this play because it’s interesting as a script and the actors bring a lot of things to it."

Phillip Hogan plays Mr. Smith in The Bald Soprano.

"He questions everything; he likes to ponder things that we take for granted even if some of it is common sense. He’s also stubborn: His way is the only way and nothing else is acceptable. It fits well with Mrs. Smith because she’s like that too," Phillip said.

"Rehearsals have been excellent; Margaret is a fantastic director. We’ve been in shows at West Side before, and now she’s directing me and it’s a lot of fun. The show will be a lot of fun; the audience will enjoy it. It’s unique and a great experience for all of us in the cast and crew and I hope it will be for the audience as well."

The cast and director of The Bald Soprano

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