Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On-Line Ticket Sales

You might notice a new link on the side. The link will bring you to, the new home of Civic Theatre's box office. This will, among many other things, allow us to sell tickets on-line for the first time.

From my first day two years ago we have been working on creating a new box office system. Currently everything is done with paper. It has worked fine for several years, Bob takes the money and gives the tickets, simple. The problems are that we are unable to sell tickets outside of office hours, we have no way to know who is coming to the show, how many tickets have been picked up and several more daunting issues that I will not bore you with in this post.

On the outside there will be very little change. You can still call or come to the office to get tickets. You can still order your season tickets through the mail, and you will still be able to chat with Bob when you do so. We are adding services, pure and simple.

You can go to the site now and purchase your season tickets, but High School Musical will have to wait, Monday, May 26th at 12:01 am, the hottest ticket of the summer will go on-sale.

See you at the theatre.

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