Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Annual Dinner Wrap-up Part 2

After the wonderful meal, the meeting proceeded with the volunteer recognition. This year that included 24 shows or groups that make up the Civic Theatre season. This is an opportunity for the corporation to thank the hundreds of volunteers that make a Civic Theatre season successful.

Finally on the agenda was the volunteer awards. This section is my personal favorite part of the evening. It is an opportunity to thank a few of these wonderful people that are such a vital part of the Civic Theatre family. Award winners for the 2007-2008 season were:

The list below cannot begin to show the appreciation we all have for the wonderful volunteers that make up the backbone of Civic Theatre.

Rising Star Winners

Ted Hingst

Matthew Carter

Bethany Grimes

Isaiah Hale

Karen Tislow

Laura Hale

Janet Mauck

Shining Star Winners

Anita Weston

Thea Strand

Lora Adams

Larry Sommers

Tracy Rosa

Justin Newell Scholarship winner:

Paul J. Mishler

Presidents Award

Bob Mindrum

Directors Award

Paul Addison

Steve Martin

Community Collaboration Award

Renee Thomas and the Black Cultural Center for the production of Crowns.

Lifetime Achievement Award winner:

J. Alfred Chiscon

My congratulations and profound gratitude goes out to each of the award winners.

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