Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In The Wings: Disney's High School Musical. The crew.

Before profiling the actors who play the leads in Civic Theatre's production of Disney's High School Musical, it's time to thank the volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make the production possible. Without their work, the performances would not be possible.

Director: Laurie Russell
Music Director: John Satterfield
Orchestra: Kyle Anderson, Justin Christian, Jane Ritter, David Strand, Kyle Turco and Nick Willis
Choreographers: Melanie Buchanan, Shanna Daly and Paul X. Rutz
Stage Manager: Julia Colby
Producer: Steve Martin

Light Designer: Chris Purpura
Light Board Operator: Beth Grimes
Spotlight Operators: Jacob Richardson and Lauren Long

Set Designer: Lynie Stepp
Master Carpenters: Dave Lahr and Tom Moran
Construction Crew: Brandon Bass, Kevin Colby, Ted Hingst, Rod McDanel, Steve Scherer, Larry Sommers, Greg Terry, Dan Tollefson and several others

Paint Crew: Renee Cason, Dana Crockett, Laurie Russell, Steve Scherer, the cast and several others

Costume Designer: Bob Sauers
Costume Crew: Renee Cason

Sound Designer and Sound Board Operator: Steve Koehler
Sound Assistant: Kris Kazmierczak

Props Designer: Cindy Modlin-Adams
Props Crew: Todd Bess, Tonya Bess, Marjie Gold-Vukson and Micheal Gold-Vukson

Backstage Manager: Janet Mauck
Backstage Crew: Lora Adams, Paul Gilbert and James Jewell

Photographer: Kris Kazmierczak

Audition Pianists: Shellie Johnston, Jae Kellogg and Eric Van Cleave
Audition Assistants: Renee Cason, Johanna Gelfand, Linda Polk, Marisa Simmons and Amy Van Epps

The production team members and crew members won't be onstage to receive the audience's applause at the end of each show, but all of them feel a graet sense of accomplishment in being an integral part of the production.


Lis said...

Thanks so much to the crew!!! This show looks and sounds amazing thanks to you guys. We are so excited!

Laurie Kellogg said...

Thank you .. LOoking forward to this