Thursday, November 20, 2008

In memory of Marilyn Zimmerman

Marilyn Zimmerman passed away this past weekend in Indianapolis. She was a young woman who had a very big impact on Civic Theatre's production of The Diary of Anne Frank.
Marilyn played the demanding role of Mrs. Frank in Civic Theatre’s 2006 production of The Diary of Anne Frank. Marilyn only appeared on Civic Theatre’s stage in the one show, but her presence and talent will be missed.

If you would like to share a brief memory of Marilyn, please do so.


Mark Allen said...

Marilyn was such a joy to work with.

I was talking last night to my cast about the night she and her husband Neil took us to the synagogue after a Saturday Night performance of The Diary of Anne Frank. The history we learned that night was magnified by the joy that Marilyn exhibited in describing it to us.

The Diary of Anne Frank was a special show to all of us and it was made special in part because of our bond with Marilyn.

I was heartbroken when I heard the news after the Proof talkback on Sunday.

My families hearts and prayers go out to Neil and the rest of the Zimmerman family.

From your loving Pim, Margot and Annika.

Bailey Rosa said...

There are no words to describe how amazing of a person Marilyn was. The show Diary of Anne Frank was probably one of my favorite shows that I have worked on and Marilyn is one of the reasons for that. She was so kind and I learned so much from her. Like Mark said when we all went to the Synagogue after the show that Saturday Night and i listened to her and some of her friends talking about their lives it was so moving and inspirational. She was a truly remarkable woman and I will miss her so much.

Steve Martin said...

Marilyn was game for anything. During the rehearsal process of Anne Frank, I introduced a few warm-up exercises for the cast. Marilyn worked through them like a trooper. And then she wrote in a note at the end of the production, "Steve, thank you for the warm-up exercises. Even though I didn't see the point of the at the time, they were helpful."

So warmhearted, so kind, and such a hard worker onstage.

Rest In Peace.

Ralph Rohrer said...

Many of the speakers at Marilyn's memorial service commented on how she built community, even family, wherever she went. She certainly did that while a part of the cast of Diary. She led us in song and in prayer. I can still hum a bit of Maoz Tzur.
I think that, as much as we enjoyed her, she enjoyed us also. Her father said that she was talking about auditioning for another play "but a comedy this time."
Shalom, Marilyn.