Sunday, November 23, 2008

Share Your Thoughts: Proof

Now that Proof has closed, share your thoughts about the production on this blog.

What will you most remember about the show? What were your thoughts about the performances? The design? The story and theme? What were the standout moments?


Steven Koehler said...

A wonderful production of one of the best scripts written in recent years. I am so proud to be associated with a theatre that can attract the kind of talent that this production did.

Arliss Jeffries is a powerful actor, period. It is always such a joy to watch this man on stage.

Julia Colby was amazing in a role that is as demanding as they come. We have seen Julia in a few roles, always wonderful work, but this went above and beyond.

Alan Hertz handled the tricky role of Hal very well. Balancing between his own personal ambitions, his respect (awe) of Robert and his growing love of Catherine. Lafayette is very lucky to have gotten this wonderful actor from Iowa.

Haley Samuelson-Couchman played so much against type. Haley is really a very nice person. She was also able to take what could very easily be a one dimensional character and actually put life into her. Wonderful job.

I am a lighting geek, I got my start in production and have designed around 100 shows in my career. Beth Grimes did a smash up job on this show. The details, the subtleties, everything. All in all a top-notch design.

The set was wonderful, the costumes right on, everything about the show was great.

Of course much credit has to go to Mark Allen Carter, the director at the helm of the production.

Many thanks to the entire cast and crew of Proof, truly a wonderful theatrical experience.

Scott Haan said...

"Proof" was one of the most powerful and well-done shows I've ever seen on that stage, and that's really saying a lot.

The actors were phenomenal. I already knew Julia was an amazing actress, but she displayed a depth and an ability to fully inhabit her character that was staggering, even for her.

As for standout moments, I have to cite the final scene between Catherine and her father. Arliss Jeffries was mesmerizing in his portrayal of a brilliant man who had recently been lucid and clear-headed, but was losing his mental faculties again. With an uncontrollable twitching hand and a stubborn forcefulness borne out of frustration, this scene was like a Master Class in Acting. And Julia's reaction as the daughter realizing she had lost her father again, especially while reading aloud from his gibberish notes, was equally heart-breaking.

I also enjoyed the opening music, Alanis Morissette's "Thank You," a beautiful and ethereal tune (which I have always loved) that I felt set the stage well for the tone of the story. (I got a kick out of Dick Jaeger's J&C review in which he criticized the song choice and said it was "apparently sung in some obscure dialect". I felt the exact opposite, finding it the perfect choice for the opening curtain, and I even recognized it as being sung in English!)

Mark Allen Carter assembled and led the perfect cast (and crew) for this script. Kudos to everybody involved.

Mark Allen said...

Scott and Steve, you need to write reviews.

Now THAT'S a good review.

Steve Martin said...

For me, Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette's production of proof was all about acting.

I can't overstate how terrific Julia Colby was as Catherine. The degrees of uncertainty, warmth, fear, love, betrayal and more than she played within scenes was mesmerizing. Such a nuanced performance, and one of the best I've seen since I started watching Civic shows.

Arliss Jeffries was so terrific because he downplayed moments that other actors might have seen as "showy." Which made it all the more effective to my way of thinking.

And Halay and Alan did so much acting of the subtext through their body language and just the slightest turn of phrase or accent. Just terrific.

I'm glad Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette produced Proof, and I'm glad I saw it.