Thursday, November 6, 2008

What do you love about community theater?

There is a lot to love about theater, community theater specifically. I imagine if I were to ask 20 people what they most love about community theater, I'd receive 20 different responses. It's that personal.

Erica D. of the Mid Hudson Valley Theatre Blog -- -- has written a post that lists the reasons she loves community theater. She graciously has allowed the Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette blog to link to that post, which can be found here.

Although New York State is a bit of a distance from Lafayette, Indiana, it's clear community theater is loved in both, between both and definitely beyond both ... and often for the same reasons. When you read Erica's post, consider how many of her Top 10 reasons would be included in yours.

Which leads to the question behind this post: What are your favorite things about community theater? Leave a response below, if you wish.

Look for more commentary and opinion to be included on this blog. Some of it will be written by yours truly and other Civic Theatre bloggers. Some, as in this instance, may be links from other theater blogs. This blog will continue to promote Civic volunteers, Civic productions -- Mainstage, Civic Youth Theatre and readings -- and special events, but it will also offer more points of view about what theater is, can be and more.


Steve Martin said...

I love that moment in community theater productions when the audience and actors are focused 100% on the stage.

The moment may be silent; I remember audiences being hushed yet expectant when "Anatevka" was sung during a production of "Fiddler on the Roof."

The moment may be raucous; audiences pealed with laughter during Oscar and Felix's final fight during "The Odd Couple."

Whatever the moment is like -- and not all shows have one -- everyone can feel the anticipation. And knowing that people are that involved is a great feeling.

Steven Koehler said...

I love the volunteers. Hundreds of people every year get together to make Civic Theatre special. After several years of dealing with cynical "professionals" it is nice to have people who have loads of talent, but are still doing the it for joy and love of the art.

Mark Allen said...

The process.

It starts with a great script.

Then a great director puts their interpretation into it.

Actors come in to add their input and then finally an audience adds the final piece of the puzzle.

It is the greatest form of art.

Steve Martin said...

So far, the collaborative effort seems to be a top reason to love theatre. Three posts -- three responses about being involved with others, volunteers, actors, directors, audiences ... everyone.

Lis said...

Well, so far I've only been a part of community theatre once, but what I loved about it was how much professionalism and depth of talent I saw from not only directors and performers, but especially from the musicians, set and techinical crew, and everyone who helped backstage during the show. It's clear there's a huge amount of talent, skill, and general know-how in this community. I'm so glad so many gifted people volunteer to be a part of our community's theatre program!

Lisa Stanforth

Charlie Shook said...

I am a Civic Theatre fan. It does a great job of selecting productions that take advantage of the intimacy of the Civic stage and match the skills of the cast. I am looking forward to seeing "Proof". The production at Purdue was great and I am confident that the Civic production will be of equal quality.
Keep up the good work.

Caty Natt said...

After being forced into the dirty, ruthless world of college theatre, I can honestly say what I love most about community theater is how much fun everyone has doing it. There is no profit or fame motive; everyone is there purely because they love theater and want to be a part of it. I miss Civic because I had the time of my life within those walls, something that will be with me forever.