Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 theatre-related resolutions

1. I will not roll my eyes when people refer to The Man Who Came to Dinner as "that nice movie from the 1960s starring Sidney Poitier."

2. I will not be impressed just because a play has won the Tony or the Pulitzer.

3. I will judge a book by its cover and buy a play script because of the cover design. I will buy the CD of a cast recording for the same reason.

4. I will buy an original cast recording of a show produced before I was born.

5. I will crash the opening night cast party of at least one production I wasn't involved with.

6. For every Civic Mainstage production, I will invite one person to attend a show with me. For every CYT production, I will invite three people to attend a show with me. For every staged reading, I will invite five people to attend.

7. I will check my address book to make sure I know enough people to make these invitations.

8. I will not care whether people spell the art form with an "er" or "re."

9. I will attend at least three performances outside of Tippecanoe County.

10. I will congratulate as many crew members as I can after a show.

11. I will not participate in a standing ovation because of peer pressure or mob mentality.

12. I will keep blogging until someone tells me to stop. And even then, I may continue.

1 comment:

Mark Allen Carter said...

I will also not give in to the pressure of just giving standing ovations.

I wouldn't have given one to The Odd Couple. That guy who played Oscar stunk. Murray was pretty good though. ;)