Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Top 12 memorable moments from Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette shows in 2008

End-of-the-year lists sprout like weeds through concrete as topics from "Most Interesting People" to "Best Movies" to "Overrated Technology" are up for discussion in late December. People feel compelled to add their 2 cents to the noisy dialogue.

This is where I add my 2 cents and create even more noise.

My Top 12 moments from Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette shows in 2008 are listed in alphabetical order by show name. Every Mainstage, Civic Youth Theatre and Civic Under the Stars show that appeared in the Monon Depot Theatre, Long Center or Tippecanoe County Amphitheater in the 2008 calendar year is included.

Crowns – The women remove their church hats at the end of the show and replace them with new ones while reciting their personal mantras.

Disney's High School Musical – The cast sings the Mega-Mix at the end, highlighting the major songs and choreography in the show while fireworks explode over the Amphitheater.

Honky Tonk Angels – The Angels harmonize for the first time during a long bus trip to Nashville, serenading their fellow passengers – the audience.

How to Eat Like a Child – The cast explains that when parents say things like "We'll see," they really mean "No."

Proof – Catherine reveals to Hal and Claire that she wrote the mathematical proof.

Rudyard Kipling's The Just So Stories - Elsie explains to her make-believe friends that her sister Josephine died long ago.

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing – Peter has a nightmare that recounts how his younger brother, Fudge, has ruined his life at every turn.

The Crucible – The "bewitched" girls scream in terror during the trial, which leads Mary Warren to accuse John Proctor of practicing witchcraft.

The Giver – Jonas, after receiving memories of real warfare, collapses in anguish when his young friends play a game of "War."

The Odd Couple – Oscar recites the things he hates about Felix, concluding with a note he found on his pillow that read, "We're out of corn flakes. F.U."

Young Directors Project: Final Dress Rehearsal – The authoress brings rehearsal to a complete stop, humorously waxing poetic about her adaptation of Cinderella.

Young Directors Project: The Bald Soprano – Two actors speak the same dialogue at the end of the show that is spoken by two different actors at the beginning of the show, starting a continuous loop.

This list is subjective and the opinions are entirely my own. My choices probably won't mirror your thoughts on the top moments of the year. Which leads to this: What did you think were highlights of the 2008 shows produced by Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette?

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Mark Allen Carter said...

My 6 most memorable moments of 2008.

6. The crowds, the excitement, the music and fun of Disney's High School Musical.

5. The lead lady in Crowns. She was very good.

4. Madeleine Bein in The Crucible. Cadi should be proud. She did a great job.

3. Working with my good buddy Allen Banning and the rest of the cast in The Odd Couple. What fun. We all had fun. F.U

2. Serving as President and Vice President of a great board and working with the wonderful Steven Koehler.

1. Directing one of the best written scripts I've ever read and putting it together with my friends Julia, Arliss, Haley, Alan and Kaz. You guys were great. It was the most elegent Proof.