Sunday, December 14, 2008

Share Your Thoughts: The Giver

Now that The Giver has closed, share your thoughts about the production on this blog.

What will you most remember about the show? What were your thoughts about the performances? The design? The story and theme? What were the standout moments?

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Steve Martin said...

I'll remember the story of The Giver for a while -- the Utopian society that has its flaws, and the boy who tries to overcome them and help his community.

Aaron Brehm as Jonas and Bryce Robinson as The Receiver were both outstanding in the production.

The lighting was very subtle, starting very sterile and blue and then having a more varied color palette toward the end. It played off the story very well.

The highlight moment for me was the staging and the acting involved in the slow-motion game of War that the children played, and Jonas' reaction. Coupled with what Jonas learned about warfare from The Receiver, it really struck me hard. Again, Aaron Brehm was outstanding and I think director Brent Wick should be commended.

I enjoyed The Giver a lot. Thanks to all involved for creating a terrific production for Civic Youth Theatre.