Thursday, December 18, 2008

What theatre-related items are on your gift list this year?

Now that we're one week from Christmas, it's time to share: what theatre-related items are on your Christmas gift list this year? Does your list inculde tickets to a show, a cast recording on CD, an anthology of plays by your favorite writer or maybe a show poster/program from a Broadway hit?


Mark Allen said...

I get theatrical gifts throughout the year.

Like the opportunity to play Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple.

Or the chance to direct a brilliant group of actors in one of the best plays I've ever done "Proof"

Those are my gifts.

Steven Koehler said...

The fact that I have been able to make a living at the thing that I love is the greatest Theatrical gift I could ever dream of.

Steve Martin said...

I just watched "The History Boys" on DVD this evening; terrific movie! It's now on my list, although maybe not for this holiday season.

I also bought tickets to "Stomp" from Purdue Convocations. So that'll be fun, too.