Thursday, January 1, 2009

The 12 most memorable moments of Civic Theatre, Part 2.

How about the 12 most memorable moments of 2008 at Civic Theatre, beyond just the fabulous shows?

1. Paying off the Mortgage, almost three years early. This saved Civic Theatre several thousand dollars.

2. Receiving grants from the Community Foundation and the McAllister Foundation that led to #4.

3. The wonderful and rich collaborations that led to Crowns, specifically with Renee Thomas and the Purdue Black Cultural Center.

4. New Roof on the Monon.

5. Beating the previous attendance record (set by Annie) during High School Musical, by 140 people.

6. The successful launch of two world premiere scripts in our Stage Reading Series.

7. The publication of A Very Bad Day for Brandon Butterworth, this is more of a highlight for Scott Haan, the wonderful playwright, but we are mentioned in the published script.

8. The success of the 1st ever 4-week theatre intensive camp, and the great work done by the 27 young people who put on The Pirates of Penzance Jr at the end of the camp. We had to turn people away at the second performance.

9. The cast of The Crucible surviving horrible weather and the Martian Death Flu, to put on this wonderful Miller classic.

10. The launch of a computerized ticketing system, allowing on-line sales. Since then more than 30% of all single tickets are sold on-line.

11. New Board Members, Helen Slagel, Steve Martin and Julia Colby, bringing great energy to the Board. Outgoing Board Members, Bob Mindrum, Nate Barrett and Jeff Weir, all three did so much for Civic Theatre.

12 The launch of the Civic Theatre Blog. We average about 30 hits a day, and people come from all corners of the Earth.

There was so much more to celebrate, I look forward to yet another wonderful year here at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette.


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Steve Martin said...

I enjoyed the radio drama presented in summer. I like The Time Machine anyway, but it was a nice spin to watch as sound effects were being made during the course of the reading.

It was my first experience with radio drama, and I look forward to future ones.