Friday, January 23, 2009

In the Wings: The Man Who Came to Dinner. Photos of the set.

The following photos show the set for The Man Who Came to Dinner, the third production in Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette's 2008-2009 Mainstage Season. These photos of the not-then-completed set were taken in early January.


Steven Koehler said...

I love that we see first hand that Civic Theatre recycles sets as much as possible.

Seeing the HIG from High School Musical both brings back memories, and shows our fiscal and environmental responsibility.

Thank you to all the many hard working volunteers, led by David, who built this set. And thank you Disney's High School Musical for having such a big set that we can use all season long.

Lis said...

YES! I too wanted to comment on the fact that I can see little bits of HSM there...the red and yellow "HIG" and what looks like center court and maybe some foul lines from the basketball court? Aww, memories! :)