Friday, January 2, 2009

Newspaper praises Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette leader

Steve Koehler, Managing Director of Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette, is commended along with three other Tippecanoe County arts organization leaders in an article written by Tim Brouk in today's Journal & Courier.

Tim writes, "Meanwhile, over at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette, executive director Steven Koehler was able to use his clout quickly for some bold programming.

"During the summer, the Civic Under the Stars season consisted of one show for the first time. But it was a big one -- High School Musical.

"Proof was a big-name show for the main stage, and even Civic Youth Theatre experimented with science fiction in The Giver."

The article, "Arts leaders planning lively 2009," also profiles Tetia Lee of the Tippecanoe Arts Federation, Nick Palmer of the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra and Kendall Smith II of the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette.

You can read the complete article here.

Thank you to the leaders of all arts and culture organizations in Tippecanoe County and surrounding counties. Without you, our lives would be considerably more drab. Special thanks to Steve Koehler for his skills as a leader, communicator and innovator at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette.

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