Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th: Share your theatre superstitions.

There are three Fridays the 13th in 2009: one in February, one in March and one in November. One traditional superstition is that people will be mired in bad luck on these days. There are other superstitions relating to bad luck including walking underneath a ladder and having a black cat cross one's path. There also are superstitions about good luck such wearing one's birthstone, finding a four-leaf clover and carrying a rabbit's foot.

The theatre has its own set of superstitions. What are some common and uncommon theatre superstitions? Do you have personal superstitions that you follow when you're involved in a production? Should people take theatrical superstitions seriously, or are superstitions a load of poppycock and balderdash?

One ritual that I carried throughout the run of The Odd Couple was bumping fists with the entire cast and backstage crew immediately before Act I began. It was always carried out in a specific order and location. I'm not sure if that makes me superstitious, or just someone who gets revved up by faux punching other folks before going onstage.


Justice said...

don't say the m word if you're in a theatre! (call it the scottish play!)

Lis said...

I think that superstitions are part of the fun of doing theatre! But I also try to follow a certain routine before every show (for HSM it was getting there early and presetting costumes in a certain order; for COE it's been bananas foster cappucinos from Village Pantry) that just sort of helps me get mentally psyched up.