Saturday, March 21, 2009

One-year anniversary for

One year ago today, Managing Director Steve Koehler published this blog's first post to welcome readers into the world of Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette. During this year 217 posts, including this one, have been published. We have seen 5,235 total visitors to this blog and there have been 8,833 page loads.

The content of the blog is a testament to the generosity of time and information from Civic Theatre volunteers. We've been able to profile directors and actors on the blog, show photos of sets, promote special events like the radio drama The Time Machine and the Tour of Terror, and offer opinions specifically about Civic Theatre and generally about the art of theatre. Thank you to everyone who has provided content on this site.

Thanks also to the readers who support this blog. You've been the #1 reason behind creating and updating this content, and we hope you've found interesting and infomative content. We look forward to sharing more stories and promoting more people and productions during its second year of existence.

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