Sunday, March 22, 2009

Share Your Thoughts: Children of Eden

Now that Children of Eden has closed, share your thoughts about the production on this blog.

What will you most remember about the show? What were your thoughts about the performances? The design? The story and theme? What were the standout moments?


Mark Allen said...

One of the best shows I've seen at Civic.

Julia said...

The talent was amazing! Both the voices and acting as well as the set design, costume design, choreography, and direction. (I'm sure I'm leaving something out...)

My hat goes off to the cast and crew, and especially to Kate Walker, for an exceptional job well done. Congratulations!

We hope to see you all back in the Civic programs soon!

Lis said...

I loved being in this show, and I loved that each song had such meaning behind it; every night, a different song would sort of hit me in a different way. It was also really cool to see how the show affected audience members, which was one of the great things about performing in the Monon theatre...I could see faces! What an experience!

Steven Koehler said...

This was a wonderful production from top to bottom. Kate did a wonderful job directing a very talented cast. Can't wait to see what she can do with Chicago next season.

Steve Martin said...

I loved the theatricality of the show. From the costumes and lighting to the set design and the multimedia, the production provided another reminder than watching people on stage -- as opposed to a screen -- can be an absolutely engrossing endeavor.