Thursday, May 7, 2009

Civic Volunteer Album: Meet Greg Terry.

The "In the Wings" series of blog posts highlight the directors and actors of each Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette production. And while it makes sense to promote them on the blog for their hard work -- actors are the face of a production, and directors are the brains -- there are whole groups of volunteers who go unrecognized, not only on this blog but also perhaps by the playgoing public.

The "Civic Volunteer Album" will highlight various Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette volunteers who more often than not volunteer behind the scenes of productions as stage managers, designers, backstage crew and much more. They are the backbone of each production, working hard to support what everyone else can see and hear on stage.

Greg Terry from nearby Delphi had been active in theater while in junior high and high school. He hadn't been involved with it again, though, until he served as an usher for Cheaper by the Dozen, which was part of the 2003-2004 Mainstage season.

"I became involved with Civic because one of my friends was involved and asked if I would be interested in helping," Greg explained. "Ushering is something anyone can do; it does not take a lot of training. From there I worked the concession stand a few times at the Tippecanoe County Amphitheatre making popcorn, which can be a very hot job. From there I went on to help build sets."

Among Greg's set building credits is the production of Suds, which he said is his favorite production at Civic.

"I found the scene in which the character played by Samantha Hoover was trying to drown herself in a washing machine – with her feet sticking straight up in the air flailing around –incredibly funny," he said.

Additionally, Greg has worked on the backstage crew for The Crucible and made his acting debut in this season's production of The Man Who Came to Dinner. His favorite moment at Civic Theatre, though, was completing the set for this season's production of Disney's High School Musical, considered by many to be the largest set ever constructed for a Civic show.

"Building the set was a tremendous undertaking," Greg said. "I was impressed that the building process went as smoothly as it did."

Greg concluded by explaining why a person may want to volunteer with Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette.

"There is something for everyone to do no matter what a person's talent or skill level is," he said. "By volunteering you have the opportunity to meet a lot of wonderful people, while at the same time giving yourself an opportunity to develop talents you may not realize that you had. If you get involved in set building or working backstage and have spent a lot of time with the cast and crew, you realize you have developed a lot of new and wonderful friendships, and no one can ever have too many friends."

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