Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Playwrights Draft

A friend of mine will be starting a PhD program in the spring. His reading list include 127 plays, many of which I have not had the chance to read, and more than a few that I have never even heard of. As part of his preparation he is posting a blog entry on each play as he reads them. Included in each post will be a description of the play, background on the playwright and his feelings and thoughts on the play itself. The most recent post dealt with David Mamet, and in addition to much discussion of the play (Oleana) and the playwright himself led Rick to pose the question of a fantasy playwrights draft.

In line with the many fantasy sports, the idea is basically list you top ten playwrights, or in this case specifically your top 10 American Playwrights. Think of influence, depth of work, and impact on both you the audience and on American Theatre in general.

Rick's list is:

1. Arthur Miller
2. Tennessee Williams
3. August Wilson
4. Eugene O'Neill (whom I loathe)

That's the pantheon...those guys are the best of the best in terms of influence, work created, legacy etc.

5. David Mamet
6. Tony Kushner
7. Sam Shepard (whom I loathe too, sorry Sam, I"ll leave you alone if I run into you in a bar again)
8. William Inge
9. Thorton Wilder
10. Wendy Wasserstein

Comments are Rick's not mine. I will post my list in a later post but in the mean time would love to hear your thoughts. Who are the top ten American Playwrights?

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