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May 8: Writing a Play – Part 5, with special guest Charles Edward Pogue

On Saturday, May 8, Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette welcomes Charles Edward Pogue to speak at a class titled "Writing a Play – Part 5." It will be held 12 noon to 2 p.m. in the historic Monon Depot Theatre in downtown Lafayette.

Screenwriter Charles Edward Pogue began his career with a pair of scary classics, PSYCHO III and THE FLY. In addition to its blockbuster box office, THE FLY won overwhelming critical praise. Hailed as a "masterpiece of horror," it made every major critics' best of the year list including the National Board of Review. It garnered an Academy Award for Best Make-up and also the Best Picture and Best Actor Saturn Awards from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Between them, THE FLY and PSYCHO III were nominated for eight Saturn awards.

Shifting from horror to fantasy, Mr. Pogue's swashbuckling epic, DRAGONHEART boasted an international cast ... Dennis Quaid, Pete Postlethwaite, David Thewlis, Julie Christie, and Sean Connery as the voice of DRACO, the computer-animated Dragon. Mr. Pogue's novel of DRAGONHEART has been published worldwide in several different languages and is in its fifth edition in America.

His film noir mystery, DOA, also starred Dennis Quaid as well as Meg Ryan. In addition to this dark thriller, Mr. Pogue has written three Sherlock Holmes mysteries. THE SIGN OF FOUR and THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES featured Ian Richardson as the master sleuth and garnered world-wide praise. SIGN took first prize at the Cattolica Mystery Film Festival and HOUND was hailed at the Moscow Film Festival as the "definitive Sherlock Holmes". Leonard Maltin called it the "best version of the Doyle classic to date," a sentiment echoed by many Holmesian scholars and enthusiasts.

The third Holmes movie, HANDS OF A MURDERER, starring Edward Woodward, aired on CBS, and was acclaimed for its "snap, crackle-and-pop script."

Mr. Pogue has also adapted Sherlock Holmes to the stage with his play, THE EBONY APE, touted as a "stylish adaptation ...done with panache." And his prize-winning mystery-comedy, WHODUNNIT, DARLING?, written with actor Larry Drake ("Benny" of LA LAW), has been celebrated in theatres across the country as "bright, fast-paced, and entertaining." "A Hit Mystery!"

Mr. Pogue spent many years as a stage actor before turning to writing, performing lead roles in such plays as CYRANO DE BERGERAC, DUCHESS OF MALFI, THE RAINMAKER, HAY FEVER, ANGEL STREET, and FLEA IN HER EAR. He has also performed in, oddly enough, a Sherlock Holmes play, THE CRUCIFER OF BLOOD, which starred Charlton Heston and the late Jeremy Brett as Holmes and Watson respectively.

Mr. Pogue has been featured in PEOPLE, PREMIERE, STAR-LOG, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, CINEFANTASTIQUE, SCRIPT, on the BBC and countless radio shows and websites. He is a recipient of a "Best of Cincinnati" Award and the "Realm of the Imagination Award" for THE FLY from the Psychotherapy Screening Guild. In l996, he received the first-ever "Distinguished Alumni Award" from the University of Kentucky, College of Fine Arts.

He is a member of WGA, SAG, AFTRA, Actor's Equity and The Dramatists Guild. A popular guest speaker, he has lectured on film and screenwriting at UCLA, USC, and Universities across the country as well as for the Writers' Guild at film festivals in Cannes, Beaune, Brazil, and Seattle. He has written articles for PREMIERE MAGAZINE and the LA TIMES. His fierce advocacy for writers' creative rights elected him to two terms on the WGA Board of Directors.

His mini-series, HERCULES, for Hallmark, aired on NBC in May 2005. His latest work is a screenplay adaptation of Rider Haggard’s immortal classic SHE, as well as currently writing a personal film project, a play, and another novel. His latest work was a translation/adaptation of TARTUFFE for Actors Guild of Lexington in which he also performed the role of Orgon. TARTUFFE also received critical plaudits with a production in San Francisco at The African-American Shakespeare Company. With TARTUFFE, Mr. Pogue has also resumed his acting career, performing in THE UNDERPANTS, MOONLIGHT & MAGNOLIAS, and as Claudius in HAMLET, an Actors Guild production recently featured in AMERICAN THEATRE magazine.

Mr. Pogue lives in Georgetown, Kentucky with his wife, Julieanne, a psychotherapist, actress, director, and narrator of books on tape.

The class is free. To register for the class, call Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette's office at 765-423-7529. Space is limited.

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