Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In the Wings: Annie Jr. Meet Sarah Weaver.

Sarah Weaver plays Grace in Annie Jr., the production mounted during an intensive four-week summer camp led by Civic Youth Theatre Director Melanie R. Buchanan.

Sarah said that Grace is a very caring, mothering character.

"Grace takes care of Warbucks all the time," she said. "And when she is with Annie, especially in 'I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here,' Grace plays with Annie because Annie has never had friends or toys to play with. Grace takes her by the hand and they do this lighthearted number."

Sarah participated in the first two intensive summer camps Civic Theatre offered: Pirates of Penzance Jr. and Guys and Dolls Jr. She explained that they helped her become involved with Civic and learn how to be part of a show.

"There are so many people who want to be part of Civic and get into shows, but they don't know how. That's where I was before I started. I was auditioning for things, but didn't understand how to put my foot in the door and push my way through," she said. "With camps, you sign up and you're automatically involved. There's someone taking you by the hand saying, 'Here is how you audition. Here is how you do Tech Week. Here is how you rehearse. Write down your blocking, remember it.' You learn this during the camps. And after Pirates of Penzance Jr., I jumped into the regular season. The camp was a great way to begin.

"If you want to be in Civic and act, the summer camp is one of the best ways to do it. If a person doesn't like it, it's O.K. But the camp is a great way to transition from wanting but not being involved, to getting involved."

Annie Jr. opens Friday, July 23 and runs through Sunday, July 25 at the historic Monon Depot Theatre at the corner of 5th Street and North Street in downtown Lafayette. There will be two performances on Saturday, July 24. Friday and Saturday evening performances begin at 7:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday afternoon performances begin at 2:30 p.m.

For more information about the show or to order tickets, call Civic Theatre's office at 765-423-7529 or visit Civic Theatre's website.

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