Saturday, October 9, 2010

Share Your Thoughts: 24-Hour Theatre Project

Now that the 24-Hour Theatre Project has closed, share your thoughts about the production.

What will you remember about the show? What were your thoughts about the performances? The design? The story and theme? What were the standout moments?

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John said...

The show was very interesting and enjoyable. I was proud to know that these young players conceived, wrote, directed, and performed play within 24 hours. It was an incredible achievement.

Some of the scenes played fault to the usual trappings of slow/poor improvisation (characters not knowing each other, lots of questions), but there were others with strong openings and committed movement of characters, relationships, and ideas.

The use of costumes and set was well executed. The players seemed like they had a lot of fun performing their roles.

Has the idea been tossed around to do this for the adults of Civic Theater and the community at large? That would be an interesting lock-in and performance.