Sunday, March 20, 2011

Announcing the 2011-2012 Season: MainStage Season

Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette will produce 5 plays at the historic Monon Depot Theatre in downtown Lafayette during the 2011-2012 MainStage Season. Tickets are $18 for adults, $12 for senior citizens and $10 for youth age 18 and under.
  • Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean by Ed Graczyk
  • September 9-25, 2011

In a small town dime store in West Texas, the "Disciples of James Dean" gather for their twentieth reunion. Now middle-aged women, they were teenagers when Dean filmed Giant two decades ago in nearby Marfa. One of them, an extra in the film, has a child whom she says was conceived with Dean during the shoot. The ladies' congenial reminiscences mingle with flashbacks to their youth; then the arrival of a stunning but familiar stranger sets off a series of confrontations that smash their delusions and expose bitter disappointments.

  • Red, White and Tuna by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears and Ed Howard
  • November 4-20, 2011

The much anticipated third installment in the Tuna trilogy takes the audience through another satirical ride into the hearts and minds of the polyester-clad citizens of Texas' third smallest town. Along with Tuna's perennial favorites, some new Tuna denizens burst into the 4th of July Tuna High School Class Reunion. This sets the stage for a show full of fireworks and fun from the land where the Lion’s Club is too liberal and Patsy Cline never dies.

It’s been several years since we left Bertha and Arles dancing at the end of A Tuna Christmas … Did the romance blossom? Has Didi Snavley received any "cosmic" communications from R.R.'s UFO? Did Stanley make his fortune in the Albuquerque taxidermy business? These and other burning questions will be asked and answered in the side-splitting spoof of life in rural America.

  • Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire
  • January 20-February 5, 2012

Becca and Howie Corbett have everything a family could want, until a life-shattering accident turns their world upside down and leaves the couple drifting perilously apart. Rabbit Hole charts their bittersweet search for comfort in the darkest of places and for a path that will lead them back into the light of day.

  • Red Hot and Cole by James Bianchi, Muriel McAuley and Randy Strawderman
  • March 2-18, 2012

He's "throwing a ball tonight" – and you're all invited, to a "swellegant" theatrical party spanning the life of Broadway's greatest wit, the irrepressible Cole Porter.

A scintillating mixture of biography and song, "Red Hot and Cole" celebrates the great American songwriter who brought style, elegance and sophistication to the stages and soundstages of Broadway and Hollywood, delighting the world with his devilishly clever rhymes, fresh and unexpected melodies and sassy, sexy sensibility.

  • Tartuffe, or The Imposter by Molière
  • May 11-27, 2012

Orgon's family is up in arms because Orgon and his mother have fallen under the influence of Tartuffe, a pious fraud (and a vagrant prior to Orgon's help). Tartuffe pretends to be pious and to speak with divine authority, and Orgon and his mother no longer take any action without first consulting him.

The rest of the family and their friends are not fooled by Tartuffe's antics and detest him. The stakes are raised when Orgon announces that he will marry Tartuffe to his daughter Mariane (already engaged to Valère). Mariane is, of course, very upset at this news and the rest of the family realizes how deeply Tartuffe has embedded himself into the family.

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