Thursday, May 5, 2011

In the Wings: Little Shop of Horrors. Meet Craig Martin.

Craig Martin plays Mr. Mushnik in Little Shop of Horrors, the fifth and final production of the 2010-2011 MainStage season at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette. The book and lyrics are by Howard Ashman and the music is by Alan Menken.

Question: Why did you want to be involved with Little Shop of Horrors?
Craig Martin: A number of people who were talking about the show said, "Oh, you have to be Mushnik." And I hadn't even considered it. And when I read it, I saw that it's weird and funny and strange. And I thought, "I can be a grumpy old man."

Q: How would you describe Mr. Mushnik?
C.M.: He's described in the script as a failure of a Skid Row florist, but he's looking to get ahead. He sees this strange and interesting plant that shows up from nowhere, that Seymour has dragged in, as a gift. All of a sudden, he realizes that this could be it - his way to get ahead - and then he latches on to Seymour, trying to convince him to stick around.

Q: What do you think the audience will most remember about the show?
C.M.: It's the music and how it's written. It's hilariously well crafted, strange and fun. It's got the 1950s doo-wop sound and there are all kinds of little details thrown in that are twisted and tweaked to make them quirky. On top of that they'll remember that everyone in the cast has a moment of golden hilarity. We laugh ourselves sick in rehearsals.

Little Shop of Horrors will open Friday, May 13 and run three consecutive weekends through Sunday, May 29 at the historic Monon Depot Theatre at the corner of 5th Street and North Street in downtown Lafayette. Friday and Saturday evening performances will begin at 7:30 p.m.; the Sunday afternoon performances will begin at 2:30 p.m.

For more information about the show or to order tickets, call Civic Theatre's office at 765-423-7529 or visit Civic Theatre's website.

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