Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Work in the Theatre

As the Historic Monon Depot Theatre approaches its 30th Anniversary of operations many projects are under way to help it look its best.  First and foremost is much needed repair work to the flooring.
We will be putting in a new sub-floor, to assure that the seating does not pull out of the floor any longer, many of you have had seats over the past few years with this unfortunate problem.  Then we will be installing new carpeting and tiles.  Over the course of the summer we will also repaint the theatre, install new carpeting in the catwalks (Thank you Julia and Kevin Colby) and many other smaller but vitally important projects.

The first job is the floor.  With the contractors coming Monday June 6th that meant that we would need to remove the seating.  Prep work for this rather daunting task occurred during the strike of Little Shop of Horrors, then on Monday (Memorial Day) some wonderful volunteers descended on the theatre with wrenches, ratchets and strong backs.  Cindy Modlin Adams, Sally Carter and Matt Kapp all took time out of their days off to help on the project. Although we did not finish the process on Monday, enough work was completed, including figuring out what we were doing, that confidence was high that the job would be completed on time.

Seating Section C
Section B - Half done

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jimandeileen said...

I thought the the Little Shop of Horrors was fantastic. All the characters did a great job and I thouroughly enjoyed every bit of it. Well done!

Eileen Weiss