Monday, July 11, 2011

Civic Theatre recognizes outstanding contributions during 2010-2011 season

Several individuals were recognized during yesterday's Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner, held at the Tippecanoe County Amphitheater. Steve Koehler, Civic Theatre managing director, shared a brief biography of each person before presenting them with a plaque.

Individuals recognized for their contributions included:

Director's Award
Melanie R. Buchanan

President's Award
Rod Ray

Community Connections Award
Craig Martin and Purdue University Galleries

Justin M. Newell Scholarship
Grace Lazarz

Shining Stars (more than two seasons of volunteering)
Kathy Bruni
Taylor Bundy
Sydney Cason
Malena de la Fuente
Jenny Furtner
Jane Hoaks
Maria Guido
Nate Shumate
Bob Slagel
Stacy Walker

Rising Stars (two years or volunteering or fewer)
Chris Allen
David Dietz
Tom Long
Neil Radtke
Ashlyn Short

Congratulations to everyone recognized at last night's Volunteer Recognition Dinner. Look for future blog posts that highlight some of the winners.

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