Monday, July 11, 2011

Craig Martin and Purdue University Galleries: 2010-2011 Community Connections Award

Craig Martin and Purdue University Galleries were recognized with the Community Connections Award at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette's Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner.

Q: How were Purdue University Galleries involved this season at Civic Theatre?

Craig Martin: Purdue University Galleries and Civic Theatre put together the Living Graphic Novel program that we're using as an outreach to get kids interested in literary, visual and theatre arts. It does a lot to push kids to use their imagination, about developing a story and shaping it into words and picture frames.

Q: Why get involved with Civic Theatre?

C.M.: It has a direct impact in the community, you can see the results on people's faces. You can see the involvement of people of all walks of life from all over town and how they get involved in little ways and large ways to make one big thing happen for the community. For Purdue University Galleries, it's about making an impact in the lives of young people.

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