Friday, July 8, 2011

In the Wings: Rent. Meet Christian Davis.

Christian Davis plays Angel in RENT, the first production of the 2011-2012 season at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette. The book, music and lyrics are by Jonathan Larson, based on Giacomo Puccini's La bohème.

Question: Why did you want to be part of RENT?
Christian Davis: I have loved RENT since I first saw it. I have always had a connection with Angel. It's actually been through the character that I've come into myself. She's inspired me to be my own drag queen, which I do outside of this. Her and Collins' relationship is so beautiful and that's something I'd like to have one day; the show makes me hopeful that it is possible.

Q: How would you describe Angel?
C.D.: Angel is fierce, very loving and very motherly. She takes anyone under her wing who is struggling and having a hard time. "I don't care if I don't know you; it doesn't matter. I'll take care of you." She is very much her name.

Q: What does Angel want to achieve?
C.D.: Her main goal is to love life as it comes at her and have no regrets. Don't have the hatred, don't have the regrets and make every day count. She comes to Alphabet City to be closer to her friends and explore her artistic side where it's accepted and appreciated. She doesn't have the pressure of feeling like she has to be so fabulous on her low funds. She is living her life the way she wants and doesn't care who likes it or not. She's herself and she has no regrets.

Q: What do you think an audience will most remember about a performance of RENT?
C.D.: The biggest thing the audience will remember is the importance of love. You have to love somebody no matter what's going on. You can't let all the negativity and all the problems of the world take away from the love. At the end of it all, people can be gone in the blink of an eye whether they're sick or healthy. If you focus on that negativity, you're really going to miss them when they're gone as opposed to if you loved them the whole time they were alive.

RENT will open Thursday, July 14 and run through July 16 at the Tippecanoe County Amphitheater, 4449 ST RD 43 N, West Lafayette. Sunday, July 17 has been scheduled as a performance date if there are any rain outs. Performances begin at 9:00 p.m.

For more information about the show or to order tickets, call Civic Theatre's office at 765-423-7529 or visit Civic Theatre's website.

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