Monday, July 11, 2011

Jane Hoaks: 2010-2011 Shining Star recipient

Jane Hoaks was recognized as one of Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette's Shining Stars in the 2010-2011 season. Shining Stars are awarded to people who have volunteered more than two years with Civic Theatre.

Q: What have you done this season with Civic Theatre?

Jane Hoaks: I was the minister in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, I was Kate Keller in All My Sons and I worked backstage in Out of Order.

Q: Why did you get involved with Civic Theatre?

J.H.: I love the theatre and I love theatre people. It's like a family. You have your squibbles and your squabbles but you share this one domicile, this one home that is the theatre. And I love to watch the reactions of the audience. I love to touch those lives with something they may not have been touched with before, to make them think and to make them laugh.

Q: What does this recognition mean to you?

J.H.: I was very taken aback, it was the last thing I expected. It makes me feel very good. It makes me feel even more a part of this family, that I really, truly belong. I love Civic. This is just a marvelous honor to be given this award tonight.

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Craig Martin said...

Nice work, Jane! Don't forget your hanky, mother...