Saturday, July 16, 2011

Share Your Thoughts: RENT

Now that RENT has closed, share your thoughts about the production.

What will you remember about the show? What were your thoughts about the performances? The story and theme? The design? What were the standout moments?


Kate said...

Absolutely fantastic production! I was so impressed with all of the newcomers, and of course, loved seeing the experienced cast too. Adding the vision of April during "Glory" was a beautiful touch. I really loved that moment. "Another Day" and "Without You" were so well done. And just in general, the cast told the story really well. Their energy kept the show moving and I didn't want to stop watching when it was over. Bravo, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Great show! (My first time seeing Rent, actually.) Gorgeous evening for the event. I had several favorite actors, but I was so surprised to read that the cast member playing Mark had never performed on stage before. Wow. He was great.