Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thanks to everyone who participated in "The Big Clean" at Civic Theatre

Lots of work was completed during today's "The Big Clean" at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette, including organizing and cleaning the props shop, costume shop, paint area and the storage area in the Haywood building.

Thank you to all the people who did work:

From Delta Sigma Pi at Purdue University:
Solwoo Kim
Shusheel Motwani
Michelle Odanga
Brittany Whitenack

From the Tae Kwon Do Club at Purdue University:
Libo Dong
Mark Sandy
Joselito Wong Yau

From the Boiler Volunteer Network:
Deepa Singh

Dan Becker
Amy Clough
Kris Kazmierczak
Bill Knapp
Steve Koehler
Tom Long
Craig Martin
Lori Portner
Bob Sauers

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