Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2011-2012 Season Award Winners

Steve Koehler, managing director of Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette, and Harry Brown, president of Civic's Board of Directors, handed out season-ending awards during Civic's annual Volunteer Recognition Picnic on Sunday, July 8.

The Director's Award winners were Dan Becker, Cadi Bien and Sonya Thomas.

The President's Award winner was Dr. Vincent Guido.

The Justin M. Newell Scholarship, for a graduating high school senior, was presented to Sydney Cason.

Shining Star Awards, for people who have volunteered longer than two years at Civic, were presented to Sherri Bundy, Kevin Colby, Annie Ellis, Thomas Losey, Kate Martin, Marisa Simmons, Asher Trout and Cody Walker.

Rising Star Awards, for people who have volunteered fewer than two years at Civic, were presented to Amanda Davis, Tim Devery, Bill Knapp, Alicia Long, Laura Mecsey, Adam Mengler and Jessie Searight.

All award winners in attendance were asked: "What does Civic Theatre mean to you?"

The Newells present Sydney Cason with the 2012 Justin M. Newell Award.

Sydney Cason, Justin M. Newell Scholarship

Sydney Cason: I've learned a lot about myself and others, how to work with people. I've made so many meaningful relationships that I'll carry on for the rest of my life. I appreciate everything I've learned and loved here.

Dan Becker, Director's Award

Dan Becker: It's a beautiful opportunity to volunteer services that are completely different from standard work procedures, interact with the community and put on professional-looking quality shows the entire community can enjoy.

Sherri Bundy: Civic is an opportunity for all the people who have an interest the arts to pursue that, even if they have a full-time job like I do. Most importantly for me, it's a chance for the kids in the community who don't really fit in elsewhere to find a home where they do fit in and pursue their creativity to the max.

Tim Devery, Rising Star Award

Tim Devery: It's a positive place to keep my sanity. It's always nice to have a place where I can always look to with a smile. Lots of positive memories.

Bill Knapp, Rising Star Award

Bill Knapp: It's meant another creative outlet outside of home. Since I work at home doing artwork, it's nice to go out and create something with a bunch of other people. It means a lot of really good friends. It's been a hell of a lot of fun.

Alicia Long, Rising Star Award

Alicia Long: Being involved with Civic Theatre provides a chance to go out in the community to meet people and to make an impact on people's lives.

Thomas Losey, Shining Star Award

Thomas Losey: Civic offers opportunities for everyone - it doesn't matter who they are or what experience they have - to come out and help put on entertainment.

Laura Mecsey, Rising Star Award

Laura Mecsey: I came to this city from Chicago, thinking I wouldn't have an opportunity to do a whole lot theatrically. Honestly, in the last two years, Civic Theatre has become a new home. I'm so, so grateful that when I leave here and pursue other things that I'll have a home at Civic Theatre.

Marisa Simmons, Shining Star Award

Marisa Simmons: Civic Theatre means family partially because my family is becoming involved: my kids are getting started in Civic Youth Theatre and my husband helps when he can. Also, it's another family: friends who I feel close to, who I can call on if I need them. They're my Civic family.

Sonya Thomas, Director's Award

Sonya Thomas: It's been a big part of my life. It's an escape, it's creativity and it's great for the community.

Cody Walker, Shining Star Award

Cody Walker: Civic got me involved in theatre and made me find something I actually like to do. That's why I'm going on to Chicago and do stuff there. It pushed me to do that.

Congratulations to all volunteers who worked during the 2011-2012 season at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette!

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