Saturday, July 14, 2012

Announcing the cast of Oklahoma!

Director Lori Portner has announced the cast of Oklahoma!, one of two summer camp productions at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette in 2012. The music is by Richard Rodgers, the lyrics and book are by Oscar Hammerstein II.

The cast includes:

Aunt Eller - Lauren Meyer
Curly McLain - Aaron Walker
Laurey Williams - Elaine Rand
Will Parker - Ajay Hastak
Jud Fry - Olivia McClimans
Ado Annie - Tatum Shirley
The Peddler - Rohan Joseph
Gertie Cummings - Amelia Caliendo
Andrew Carnes - Taylor Kantz
Ike Skidmore - Emilee Boes
Cord Elam - Trey Reynolds
Fred - Ellie Russell
Slim - Lauren Sliger
Mike - John Carlson
Joe - Abby Vinarcik
Tom - Shania Howard
Vivian - Su Yeon Park
Ellen - Ali Acosta
Kate - Darian Hrdlicka
Virginia - Meredith Vance
Dream Laurey/Townsperson - Zoe Lister
Townspeople - Bryanna Conner, Heather Luo, Annie Moss, Emma Phipps, Allie Roberts, Avalon-Rose Sterkenburg, Emma Straight, Taylor Tharp and Annie Thompson

For more information about Oklahoma!, call Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette at 765-423-PLAY (7529). You can order tickets at our online ticket site.

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