Monday, September 3, 2012

Meet the Directors: Steve Martin

Steve Martin directs Photograph 51, the second show in the 2012-2013 Staged Reading Series at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette. He is a publicist at the Purdue Research Foundation.

"Photograph 51 immediately appealed to me because it is a very theatrical script: there's a Greek-style chorus that comments upon the action, the story is non-linear and scenes blend into one another – playwright Anna Ziegler trusts in the audience's intelligence to make the connections. I also love characters who are passionate, and Dr. Rosalind Franklin is very passionate about her work in discovering the structure of DNA, although the audience may question what it has cost her. Passion, regret, science, history, beauty, betrayal and missed opportunities all wind their ways through Photograph 51, and I'm excited that it is coming to Civic Theatre as a staged reading."

The mission of Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette is to enhance the artistic and cultural environment of Greater Lafayette through theatrical productions and educational opportunities.

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