Wednesday, May 28, 2014

In the Wings: The Second Annual 10-Minute Play Festival. Meet the Playwrights - Steve Martin, "KiKi Pineapple and Her New Best Friends Victor Mango and Inez Cupcakes Starring in 'Saving the World!'" and "Missing the Man"

Steve Martin wrote KiKi Pineapple and Her New Best Friends Victor Mango and Inez Cupcakes Starring in "Saving the World!" and Missing the Man, two of seven plays that will make their world debut at the second annual 10-Minute Play Festival at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette. They are directed by Laurie Russell and Michelle Bonora.

Question: What are KiKi Pineapple … and Missing the Man about?
Steve Martin: In KiKi Pineapple, a group of third grade students are playing make-believe during recess on the school playground when reality intervenes. In Missing the Man, a man who is preparing for a 20th wedding anniversary party is interrupted by a teenage boy who claims to be his son.

Q: Why did you want to write KiKi Pineapple … and Missing the Man?
S.M.: I wanted to write KiKi Pineapple because KiKi is brave and bold, two traits that I don't have. Missing the Man came about because I wanted to write a character who is desperate for knowledge but held back by fear.

Q: What was the most fun about writing KiKi Pineapple … and Missing the Man?
S.M.: Both plays provided the opportunity to write from the point of view of younger people: third graders in KiKi Pineapple and a teenage boy in Missing the Man. It was a fun challenge to understand their perspectives. Also, it was fun to name the characters in both plays.

Q: How do you feel about KiKi Pineapple … and Missing the Man being produced at Civic Theatre in the festival?
S.M.: It's gratifying that the 10-Minute Festival is in its second year. It feels like there's a stronger environment for playwrights in Greater Lafayette with it and the Civic Playwrights Group. I'm honored that these plays will be produced alongside those written by Shane Guenin, Scott Haan, Kelly McBurnette-Andronicos, Evan Myers and Laurie Russell. And I can't wait to see how Michelle Bonora and Laurie and their actors bring them to life on the stage.

Q: Why do you like writing?
S.M.: There is so much variety in the stories that can be told and the ways in which they are told, it's almost overwhelming. The editing and revision process is especially fun because a playwright can begin telling one story in a certain way and end up telling a completely different tale in a new way. Options!

The second annual 10-Minute Play Festival will be Friday, June 6 and Saturday, June 7 at 7:30 p.m. in the historic Monon Depot Theatre, 320 N. 5th Street – the corner of 5th Street and North Street in downtown Lafayette. All 7 plays will be performed both nights.

The festival is a Pay What You Can event, and general admission tickets will be available at the box office immediately before the event begins.

The mission of Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette is to enhance the artistic and cultural environment of Greater Lafayette through theatrical productions and educational opportunities.

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