Tuesday, April 7, 2015

In the Wings: Monster in the Closet. Meet Clara Sands.

Clara Sands plays Robin, one of the sprites, in Angela D. Stewart's "Monster in the Closet," the fourth and final production in the 2014-2015 Civic Youth Theatre season at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette.

The show runs April 17-19 at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette, 320 N. 5th Street in downtown Lafayette. You can purchase tickets by visiting http://lafayettecivic.tix.com or calling 765-423-7529.

Question: What is fun about Robin?
Clara Sands: What I think is neat about Robin is she has glow-in-the-dark stuff all around her body. I think it's pretty cool.

Q: Why did you try out for "Monster in the Closet"?
C.S.: I tried out for "Monster in the Closet" because I thought it might be cool to have a part in a monster play. I like monsters a lot. My favorite monster in the show is Murray because he's so clumsy. He reminds me of Clumsy Smurf.

Q: What do you think the audience will like the most about the show?
C.S.: I think the audience will like most how Tom comes and yells at his sister and they fight, and how the Mom does jams when she's vacuuming and bumps into Nathan.

The mission of Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette is to enhance the artistic and cultural environment of Greater Lafayette through theatrical productions and educational opportunities.

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