Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Announcing the cast: 10 x 10 x 10, the Fourth Annual 10-Minute Play Festival

Ten directors have announced the casts of the plays in 10 x 10 x 10, the fourth annual 10-Minute Play Festival at Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette.

The festival will run Friday, June 3 through Sunday, June 5. Friday and Saturday performances will begin at 7:30 p.m. The Sunday performance will begin at 2:30 p.m. Admission is $10 per person.

The plays and casts are:

"Joshua Sausage and His Teacher Miss Ella Louella Santa Rose Plum Starring in 'The Wrong Shirt' by Steve Martin, directed by Laurie Russell
* Kiki Pineapple - Joy Bosma
* Inez Cupcakes - Lily Serrano
* Anna Macadamia - Amelia Janney
* Joshua Sausage - Leo Crampton
* Victor Mango - Josiah Lewis
* Miss Ella Louella Santa Rose Plum - Kathy Dietz

"Under the Floorboards" by Brittany Barnes, directed by Zachary Gregory
* Receptionist - Abby McClure
* Jake - Neil Radtke

"One Good Cell" by Evan Myers, directed by J.S. Green
* Linda - Jessica Robinson
* Aileen - Kat Braz
* Michael - Michael Kaiser
* Conor - Lyle Janney

"Presto" by Timothy Lewis, directed by Marisa Simmons
* Brandy - Sky Yoojin Jang
* Morty - Bill Knapp

"Get the Hell out of My Office!" by Shane Guenin, directed by Tori Rosa
* The Playwright - Cyrus Hulen
* Zeus - Zachary Gregory
* Bernard - David Dietz

"It's Hard to Say" by Laurie Russell, directed by Paul Addison
* Robin - Julia Colby
* Delia - Sydney Cason
* Husband - Chris Fulk
* Young Soldier - Andy Bertodano
* Accompanist - Carol Downard

"You Can't Get There From Here" by Scott Haan, directed by Neil Radtke
* Rita - Julie Doan
* Sean - David Dietz

"A Solemnly Questioning Air" by J.S. Green, directed by Kyle Borcz
* Nadine - Stephanie Bosma
* Parker - Lyle Janney

"Positive+" by Neil Radtke, directed by Scott Haan
* McKenzie - Molly Synesael
* Jack - Quentin Knuppel

"You're in My Thoughts" by Scott Haan, directed by Dakota Walker
* Girl - Helen Sorensen
* Her Brain - Brittany Smith
* Boy - Cyrus Hulen
* His Brain - Zachary Gregory

Monday, May 16, 2016

Introducing the cast of J.S. Green's "The Kegger"

Director Beth Butram has announced the cast of J.S. Green's "The Kegger." It won Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette's original script competition and will receive a staged reading May 17 at the historic Monon Depot Theatre.

Charley Jennings works at a job he hates. His family life veers from crazy to just depressing. His only anchor is his best friend, Loober, who once saved Charley's life. Now Loober has gotten in a jam with a fast-talking con man and Charley must save him. But things don't work out as planned.

The cast includes:

* Charley Jennings - Bill Knapp
* Loober Close - Eric Francis
* Jimmy Haffner - Rick Siler
* Shane Jennings - Charlie Long
* Charlene Jennings - Stephanie Bosma
* Patrolman/Volm - Tom Losey
* Partygoer/Narrator - Anna Burman

The May 17 staged reading of "The Kegger" is a Pay What You Can Event. It begins at 7:30 p.m.